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cork flooring laboratory microscope

As can be seen in the Shu Matu's cork flooring laboratory microscope, the pure cork floor surface is made up of small "suction cups" formed by the numerous balloons of cut ciliated cells. Foot on the cork floor, the contact angle between the foot and the cut airbag boundary friction coefficient will be greatly increased,
the entire pure cork flooring friction coefficient of 0.4, reaching 6, that is, even if the pure cork floor poured water or Oil, people are not easy to slip. Even the newly developed Shu-Mu Wood composite cork flooring, the surface of the skid resistance,
although not as pure cork, but because of its internal multi-layer cork, so the flexibility still exists, can greatly ease the formation of surface slippery, so solid wood Floor or other material compared to the floor, there is still a more obvious anti-skid advantage.
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