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Types of LED panels

One of the most important and, at the same time, most popular advertising tools used in urban space is the construction of a billboard. An advertising sticker is an integral part of the urban space that engages visually people from home to return. All of us, when we leave our area, are unwittingly looking at the billboards installed at the door of the shops The title of the shop floor is for introducing business or signs, banners, billboards and urban television on highways and roads, which have been installed as a wider publicity to attract the attention of a large crowd. Whether they want to, or what they will not, even for a few seconds, for example, when they are sitting behind a red light or in heavy traffic in the city, they are looking at these billboards. Therefore, if you have designed a creative billboard, you definitely can Get into the minds of the audience within a few seconds and introduce your brand
One of the most used billboards, LEDs or LED panels here is the introduction of a variety of LED boards.
What is a LED panel?
A type of digital display, the main elements of which are the modules. This panel is due to the appropriate alternative animation for a variety of billboards, such as panel pencils, banners, or neon.
Table division
Fixed LED display: As its name implies, the words or display forms of this board are displayed in a fixed and non-moving fashion.
Animated LED Panel: This animation and movement is taken for the attraction and attraction of more attention. The texts and shapes are moving in fantastic ways according to the program given to the panel's memory, and this eye-catching animation visually engages the viewer and has a great impact on the attraction of the attention of the people. The
Different types of mobile LED panels:
Monochrome LED panel:
In the construction of this type of billboard, texts and monochrome animations are used
Triple color LED or seven color LED panels:
This panel has the ability to display three colors simultaneously
Full Color Photo LED:
One of the most modern digital displays that can display all the colors you want, these boards are called as full color or urban tv. In addition to photo and animation, this LED panel also has the ability to display films, and it is the first in the field of modern advertising.

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