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Economical Composite Wood Floor

Composite wood floor surface for high-quality precious wood, not only retains the solid wood flooring wood beautiful, natural features, and a significant reduction in quality of precious timber resources. Most surface coating five times more than high-quality UV coating, not only have better hardness, wear resistance, scratch resistance, and flame retardant, smooth and easy to clean. Most of the core can take turns using the fast-growing harvested material can also be used cheap materials trails, a variety of hard and soft materials, and other miscellaneous sources broader material, but do not consider avoiding various defects of wood, the material is high, the cost of the large to reduce. Its elasticity, thermal insulation, also completely inferior wood flooring. Just because it has all the advantages of solid wood flooring, laminate flooring abandoned insufficient, but also save a lot of natural resources, in the United States and Europe have become the mainstream of home improvement floor.

Composite wood flooring is staggered by different species of laminated sheet metal, wood flooring one way to overcome the shortcomings of the same sex, small shrinkage swelling rate, a good dimensional stability, and preserves the natural wood and solid wood flooring comfortable foot feeling. Parquet flooring strengthen both the stability and the aesthetics of the wood flooring, but also has environmental advantages.

Excellent Performance: Environmental regulation: partially adjust the indoor temperature and humidity. Natural strong visual sense: parquet surface layer has a beautiful natural texture, fine structure, full of changes, nice color. Foot feeling comfortable: parquet have appropriate elasticity, moderate coefficient of friction, easy to use. Create a comfortable environment: good insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption, insulation properties. Of course, wear resistance and parquet floor price is also a significant relationship, especially some wood composite board selling point is wearable.

the article come from:Timber Plastic Composite Patio Deck

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Re: Economical Composite Wood Floor


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