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regional manager of Colorful Life Brands

Cool Manjue wood chipboard lockers to 0.2mg / L ranked sheet furniture formaldehyde emission minimum. If you do not consider the difference between sheet and solid wood, on the whole, Pinewood Kingdom Pine Bedside Table, which is known as all-wood furniture,
will become the real champion with 0.1mg/L formaldehyde emission. This may be due to different batches of products and different results. Lin Weican, regional manager of Colorful Life Brands explained to this publication. For the colorful life in the online store formaldehyde emission amount of 0.3mg / L of the commitment to how to draw,
Lin Weican did not respond to this. It is worth noting that the amount of formaldehyde released from the MDF and particleboard parts of the same product of Colorful Life is quite different. In the eyes of the industry, the possible reason for this difference is the original sins of MDF and particle board.
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