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stop immediately, low energy consumption

<p>care and maintenance almost no need to normal cleaning, mop mop to try to wring the water, the other without special requirements . The use of multi-storey solid wood flooring and three solid wood flooring maintenance, due to the characteristics of solid wood need to carry out some conservation. Thermal floor thermostat is the key device, in the non-heating season is generally recommended to power off. In </p>
<p>the heating season before the advent of product manufacturers to conduct testing and maintenance before use. Fourth, energy-saving knowledge 1, in accordance with national norms related to indoor heating and practical use of data, indoor temperature control at 18 ��, the overall energy consumption of the heating floor is the lowest. 2, do a good job of indoor and outdoor thermal insulation design is the key </p>
<p>factor in energy conservation, especially in southern China, in the North relative to the building insulation insulation to do enough. 3, try to set reasonable indoor heating area, according to the living habits of regulating heating time. Heating floor use and maintenance of common sense, over a small family to share finished, I hope everyone to help protect the heating floor. For more home improvement knowledge, </p>
<p>pressure treated lumber prices<br />
reclaimed beech wood flooring south africa<br />
second hand wood outside flooring</p>

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