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On the road to completing your own landscape design one of the most important steps is to get started the right way. Many landscapers will struggle with the initial stages of their landscaping ideas but once a framework is created of the needed design elements it tends to be smooth sailing after.
One of the most common landscape design questions is where to start and how to start my design so it is beautiful? It can be a difficult when you are unable to get the vision that you need for your garden design but have no fear help is available.
Every design varies from others and designers have their own set of rules and principles but they all use the same starting point to create a great landscaping design. When you are doing it on your own you need to start at this same point and you can be very successful in your landscape planning. You need to start by laying down paths such as driveways, access routes, or walk areas which you will need. Access must be put in place for all areas that you plan to create. This can set the framework around which you can design around.
Not all landscaping ideas will include access points and pathways so only use this advice where you can. The use of paths can be very functional in nature as they provide walking areas for people but in designs they aid in directing people to or from certain areas in your garden. They serve as a great way to divide a large expanse into smaller area that can be appreciated.
Walkways are necessary to led visitors where you wish them to go. Walkways to front fences serve this purpose and the same applies to your garden planning. You can plan where you want visitors to go in your garden whether by the use of brick or flagstone or more primitive forms such as gravel or mulch.
In a design sense.
When you design pathways then this will assist in the creation of borders and boundaries. Once walkways are in place landscaping around them is easier. You can put in plant beds on the sides of the walks and create borders too.
Keep it interesting if you can.
In your landscaping project remember to think outside of the box. Instead of linear and clear cut ideas look for interesting and unique ideas. If, for example, you need a path from the backyard to the sitting area to the back of the garden, rather than a straight line use a wavy one. This will create an illusion of more space, distance, travel and is useful in creating small gardens and landscapes.
Once paths are laid designing your landscape then becomes all the easier. 
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