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Furniture building protection

Now there are more and more decorated people. But the weather is dry, many materials are prone to dry cracks, so the corresponding measures should be done. This is the intention before purchase.
Floor selection of anti-cracking quality products is the premise
There are several cases of floor cracking, the cracks in the surface of the floor, the cracks in the floor itself, and the excessive opening between the floor and floor.
Floor after a period of time, shrinkage and cracking problems dry weather is one of the reasons, but not all the reason, the floor that the quality of the product is unqualified and construction process and subsequent maintain undeserved can cause floor craze. Therefore, from the source, we need to focus on the quality of the flooring products for the ground floor.
1. Choose the floor with qualified quality
The quality of floor product is qualified, it is a very important condition that guarantees the floor of the floor later does not appear the crack problem. Before the choose and buy, clear understanding to the floor of choose and buy the product type, because the floor product diversity, according to the material, the floor can be divided into real wood floor, solid mu fu joins a floor board, aggrandizement wood floor, cork floor and bamboo floor this several. The floor of different material material, the performance of floor, price and so on all have a big difference, when choose and buy, want to discern carefully, prevent to buy fake and inferior product.
In order to buy a qualified product, we can check the test report and quality certificate of the floor products to ensure the quality of the products. At the same time, it can also check the product sample to judge, check the appearance of the floor, mainly pay attention to check whether the surface of the floor is fine, flat, unroughing, whether the wood grain is clear, the paint surface is smooth; Carefully check the floor paint film and board whether there are cracks; Check the corners of the floor to see if there is any noticeable breakage and serrated crack.
2. The water content of the floor is critical
The moisture content of floor moisture content is the most important factor that directly affects the stability of floor dimension. The moisture content of the local board is higher than the equilibrium moisture content of the use environment, the floor should lose water, the production of dry shrinkage, the floor end of the water speed acceleration, the resulting stress, resulting in the end cracking.
Due to different balance water content, there are obvious differences in the north and south. Therefore, before selecting the floor, it is better to find out the local equilibrium moisture content, and the water content of the floor is similar to the local equilibrium moisture content.
Moisture content test: the salesperson must be asked to determine when buying a floor board floor moisture content, its method is very simple: in the exhibition hall to determine the moisture content that buys a floor sample, open box to check and accept the moisture content that buys a floor board, then if both moisture content is only 1% to 2%, belong to the moisture content that suits local laid floor.
The floor construction anti-cracking details should be noticed
Already mentioned above, the construction of the floor is improper, also easy to cause a variety of craze in the late floor. Therefore, in order to prevent the improper construction caused cracking, some details should be carefully handled during construction.
1. Properly preserved before floor construction
Before floor construction, the material needs to be properly preserved. First of all, it is important to avoid opening the floor to the vent to prevent excessive moisture loss of the floor. Also avoid places where sunlight can reach directly and should be kept in a cool place. Also need to pay attention, the floor had better not be put on vertical, vertical place can cause floor of floor to produce pressure, make floor surface or whole appear craze.
2. The floor construction environment should be carefully selected
Shop floor construction environment should be carefully selected, floor is to stick to the environment temperature and humidity, the demand is higher, the temperature of the floor is common label is more suitable for between 16 ℃ to 30 ℃, in 24 hours a day, try to stay away from noon and night construction, preferably in the construction of the reentry after 2 PM.
The floor needs to be flattened before the floor is paved
In the case that the ground is uneven, the floor is paved. After a period of time, the floor with glue is used to make the floor. Therefore, before the floor is installed, need to clean the ground, remove grease or sand, to ensure the ground level, clean.
4. Floor spreading expansion joints should not be too large
When the real wood floor is installed, need to leave expansion joint commonly, because wood material because temperature change will produce scale. Air drying, the floor can produce contraction due to water loss, so the gaps between the floor get bigger, if you leave the gap is too big, when construction will cause the late gap is bigger, easy to shelter evil people and practices, not easy to clean. But solid wood compound floor and aggrandizement floor, can be stitched together seamlessly, do not need to maintain expansion joint.
After the floor is good, is not just a matter of, also need to protect the floor tile in floor is finished within 48 hours of preserve one's health, to avoid moving and place heavy objects, allow sufficient time for emulsion binder. Don't rush to open Windows or air conditioning to dry the floor, making the floor dry and vulnerable. The floor has to be adapted to the temperature and humidity of the room.
Maintain proper humidity and temperature indoors
It's better to keep indoor temperature under 28 ℃, humidity remain between 50% and 70%, best not to less than 40%. Under such external conditions, the wood floor can be kept in a relatively stable state without cracking problems.
If the natural humidity is not reached, it is recommended to humidify. The method of artificial humidification is common, general family can be used to wring dry cloth to wipe wet with the floor, cut cannot pour water directly on the floor; Also can place a basin of water on the ground, increase indoor environment relative humidity; Suggest that the best is to use a humidifier humidity of the air, but air outlet of humidifier had better not to the floor, or moisture gathered in one area, easy to cause the regional high humidity causes the deformation of sheet metal.
Air humidity is relatively small, indoor air is relatively dry, the floor is maintained relatively easy. The sunshine of autumn day, although is not so fierce summer, long time of sunlight and is inherently, dry climate, woodiness is too dry, easy to crack and local fade, therefore, is to avoid direct sunlight. When the weather is dry, keep the solid floor moist. Should choose easily absorbed by the wood fiber professional furniture oils, example Such as orange oil not only can lock the moisture in wood to prevent deformation, wooden weather-shack nourish wood at the same time, by inside and outside the woodiness furniture replay.
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