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make answer measure

should as soon as possible make answer measure, strive for cost is reduced in respect of environmental protection duty, in order to gain relative competitive advantage,wood plastic moisture proof floor for garden  show itself in market contend. Sea cleans out sand, the industry shuffles, the old man of lumber plank people ready? 1-6 month Russia exports 4.6 million tons to Hua Mu material    Office of information of railway administration of Si Ketie of

the Bei Jiaer outside occupying flooring for boats interior releases a message to say, 2017 1, Russia is opposite checkpoint of railroad of international of Sike of the Bei Jiaer outside was being passed in June China export goods amounts to 7 million tons, than 2016 the corresponding period grows 10.2% . Release a message to say according to this company, russia is right China export main portion to be: advantage and disadvantage wood wall panelling Lumber (4.6 million tons, grow 6% than

2016) , coal (744 thousand tons, was 2016 7 times) , ore (five hundred and thirty-nine thousand two hundred tons, decrease than 2016 46.9% ) with inorganic fertilizer commercial building images with attractive wall cladding (five hundred and twenty-four thousand two hundred tons, decrease than 2016 10.9% ) . Railroad Russia is opposite the Beijiaersike outside passing China export goods quantity amounted to seven hundred and eighty-six thousand seven hundred tons first

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