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compound wood formaldehyde

standard of compound wood formaldehyde " final regulation by bureau of American environmental protection (EPA) is made. New rule basically has tripartite face to change: type of wood for park bench It is formaldehyde releases a quantity to restrict a standard to rise substantially. At present compound wood product cannot satisfy our country majority new rule requirement. 2 it is to ask relevant goods needs to obtain the tripartite orgnaization

that arrange of American environmental build hand railings for deck steps protection approbates to accord with new standard product certification, or accord with do not have formaldehyde or finished product of plank of; of condition of low formaldehyde exempt must with number of orgnaization of attestation of name of label designation manufacturer, lot number, tripartite, and accord with the accordance statement best non skid for tiled outdoor that releases a level. 3 it is to

ask the enterprise is saved 3 years inside include the quality such as test, production, sale, have a change of luck, unqualified information to record a file,composite trim paint  permanent save accord with exempt tripartite attestation or decrease detect the full proof material of batch. Sunshine examines quarantine reminds export business here: It is change of standard of close attention new rule, strengthen the

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