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drive in what sawn timber

survey knowledge according to the reporter, drive in what sawn timber price rises greatly below, close paragraph since time, teak log price also appeared to rise, at present Burmese veranda lattice square black teak price signs up for Guangdong market 1.0-1.5 10 thousand yuan / ton, relatively on the month rose 1000-2000 yuan / stere. Accompanying nevertheless rise in price, market volume can do not deserve to close however, sell with the

tradition on one hand off-season about,can composite decking go in the ground  take the price that go up on the other hand ecbolic also the wait-and-see mood that purchases business, predict this low ebb to still will continue inside short time. 2, African log market: Enter after July, market of African furniture lumber trades farther atrophy, brazilwood of ancient exterminate of young of hedgehog rosewood, dye rosewood, 8 ft privacy fence panels scabbard (common

calls Xiaoba the flower) wait for the market to be immersed in low ebb, market sales volume glides point-blank. Distributor home expresses, traditional and off-season be being solid wpc board versus hollow pounded to African furniture material is clearly, but because run cost bigger, because this even if is faced with,shrink volume prices, price of the businessman that manage money lets the apiration of benefit also be not done, both sides of

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