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How to calculate and price billboard

How to calculate the price of a billboard in perimeter meter:
Making a billboard as a home or shop sign is one of the first steps to starting a business. But here's the question: How does a store build calculate?

You may have heard that calculus is calculated based on the meter of the letters perimeter, but there are several ways to get this metric.

Now the question arises as to why the price of the signage board is in meters per square meter?

Before answering this question, let's first examine how many letters are made up of letters.
Bold Components:
1) Letter View:
The highlights of Chelnium are made of plexiglass lettering, which can be light transmitted and can be implemented in a variety of colors, but in the construction of prominent stainless steel boards due to the lack of light inside the letters, the light behind the boards It is illuminated to display a beautiful illumination. Two plexi layers with two different colors are used when making a diamond chelium board.

2) Edge of letters:
The edges of the letters play a major role in the prominence of the letters, being either chelium or plexiglass, and are found in standard sizes 7, 9, 11 cm. The edges of the chelium are obtained from the chelenium roll and the price of the chelium roll varies by area.

3) Back to work:
Behind the work is a billboard made of wood or PVC. Billboard lighting is provided by LED or SMD lamps. The lamps are block-mounted together to provide the light needed for the panel.

Factors Influencing Advertising Price:
There are many factors involved in pricing a billboard that will be installed as a header in a shop or storefront. To examine these factors, one wonders why a billboard made by different signboards is offered at different prices.

The answer to this question requires consideration of the many factors that we have discussed below.

One of the methods of calculating the price of banners is to manually highlight banners, which is very time consuming for uppercase letters and long or Latin characters. So the best option is to calculate the environment meter using design software such as Curl. This software easily measures the dimensions of the installation space depending on the environment and announces the price of the tableau.

One of the issues with the pricing of the billboard is the size of the pen. Characters that can pass light, such as chelium, must have a pen diameter of at least 5 cm to accommodate parts of the light bulb that provide the light, but if the pen's diameter is less than 5 cm Meters can be retained by removing the letters' originality of the font and obtaining the proper diameter. The price of chelium boards or any other billboard is fixed if it has a diameter of 5 to 12cm, but if the pen diameter exceeds 12cm it will increase.

Another tool used to make the signage is the use of chelium, which is made of aluminum and is sold in 30-meter rolls of 9,7 and 11 cm in a variety of colors. . The best type of chelium rolls produced by Alorapid in Spain.
Another useful tool is Plexiglass, a glass-like plastic that comes in a variety of colors, ranging in thickness from 1 to 20 mm. The use of high quality Plexiglas sheets is extremely important as they are both prominent as well as determine the quality and durability of a billboard. Nowadays, these sheets are manufactured by various companies under various names but at present the best type are SUMIPEX and YEAR LONG made by Taiwan. The use of high quality Plexiglas sheets has a significant impact on the manufacture of chelium letters and the price of chelium boards.

SMD blocks are another useful tool in creating billboards. SMD blocks are available in monochrome and full-color units, which are typically used for indoor waterproofing, but can be used in any environment. The use of high-quality light bulbs in calculating the price of billboards is not without effect.

Power Supply: The source is used to convert the mains voltage to 12V with the current consumption of SMDs. The power supply also has different types and brands and different prices that it does not affect the quality or quality of the advertising you choose.

PVC Sheets: These sheets are used for underlaying billboards. These sheets are about 8 to 10 mm thick. 8mm thick PVC sheet is less expensive than 10mm thick

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