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Top Business Consultant in Dubai

With more than a decade of trust, Aurion Business consultant in Dubai has built up an incredible track of catering all Business setup in UAE needs under one- roof! Get your company registered in UAE quickly within 2 days. They also help in the company formation, company registration in UAE, company liquidation, documentation, provide the best pro service in Dubai, UAE, helps you to open bank account in UAE, Visa assistance, and also helps your company to be certified with ISO standard by professional ISO consulting.

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#2 01-08-2019 22:09:05

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Re: Top Business Consultant in Dubai

I've been in Dubai the last summer and now me and my collegues have plans to visit Europe.

My friend and I are traveling to Europe in mid May and plan to include Santorini Island in our trip. We came across round trip flight and hotel vacation packages from Athens to Santorini for two nights.

We think they are a good deal, however, they don't include the "city tax" charge on the hotel that can be added upon check-in. We don't want to be duped and suddenly have to pay an outrageous tax when we get there.

Is this vacation package a good idea? Does anyone know what the average city tax charge is for staying at a hotel in Santorini?

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