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ACCRA, Aug. 3 (Xinhua) -- The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) has announced that it will telecast the Chinese Super League for the rest of the season.

The state-run broadcaster will also broadcast the upcoming German Bundesliga as well as the Italian Serie A to the viewing public every weekend.

The Channel Manager of GTV Sports plus, George Lomotey, says GBC is committed to providing more airtime for exciting sporting events to help grow its viewership.

"Ghanaians are enthusiastic to watch beautiful football when the new soccer season gets underway in a few days," Lomotey was quoted as saying on the corporation' s website.

The Chinese Super League has drawn great interest from the soccer fraternity in Ghana after Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan completed a mega move from Al Ain in the United Arabs Emirates to Shanghai SIPG in a two-year contract in 2015.

The telecast of the Chinese league is expected to provide a platform for cultural exchange between Ghana and China.

Ultimate Guide For How to Get Fantastic Results When Cleaning Carpets in Your Home June 22 Cheap Washington Wizards Jerseys , 2012 | Author: drjamesholt74 | Posted in Business

Over the last few years technology in the carpet cleaning industry has significantly improved. It is now much easier to get fantastic results using carpet cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and without getting the carpet really wet. Many years ago it was relatively commonplace to hear horror stories of carpets taking a week to dry and then within a very short duration the carpets would look filthy again. However Cheap Utah Jazz Jerseys , the really good news is that nowadays these problems from yesteryear are much easier to avoid if cleaning technicians follow the correct procedure.

Over 95% of carpet cleaners predominantly use a process called “hot water extraction” as it is generally considered to be the most effective process available for most domestic homes. It is advantageous to consider how this process works to enable us to get the optimum results when cleaning carpets ourselves. The hot water extraction process will usually involve spraying hot water (combined with a cleaning solution) into the carpet yarns and allowing it some time to settle so it can loosen the dirt away from the carpet fibres. In heavy soiling areas it would be advisable to brush the carpet with some vigour with a floor brush to work in the cleaning solution. This dirty water is then extracted back out using a carpet cleaning extraction machine. It is advisable before starting this wet cleaning process to thoroughly vacuum carpets to extract out the dry soil from the carpet. The IICRC have shown that the vast majority of dry dirt can be taken out of carpet through vacuuming alone. Pre-vacuuming of the carpet is an essential stage and should never be missed out as it will always lead to the carpet being more difficult to restore to an acceptable condition.

Four components that influence the effectiveness of the cleaning process are chemical Cheap Toronto Raptors Jerseys , heat Cheap San Antonio Spurs Jerseys , agitation and time. The chemical used needs to be effective in loosening the dirt from the carpet pile and suspending it in water. Developments in cleaning solution technology have produced carpet cleaning solutions that are detergent free Cheap Sacramento Kings Jerseys , biodegradable and completely safe for people. Detergent free cleaning products are often designed to be much better and safer for the carpet pile. The great thing about them also is that they will not leave a detergent residue which will cause the carpets to look dirty again quickly. Many years ago people would notice that carpets would often look dirty again shortly after the carpets had dried off. This was due to the stickiness of the residue left by the detergent causing dirt to reattach to the carpet pile which in turn would make the carpet look dirty again quickly.

The second component heat essentially means the temperature of the cleaning pre-spray appliedto the carpet. It is essential for the extraction to leave the carpet as clean as possible and this will therefore always incorporate a “rinsing process”. This involves spraying water into the carpet at the same time as immediately vacuuming it out again using an extraction machine. The heat of the water used in rinsing and extraction stage is also critical. Essentially chemicals tend to be more active and effective at higher temperatures Cheap Portland Trail Blazers Jerseys , however caution must be employed for wool carpets that may be damaged at temperatures in excess of 60?C. The good news is that synthetic carpets can withstand much higher cleaning temperatures.

The 3rd component we need to discuss is agitation Cheap Phoenix Suns Jerseys , and this will normally be brush agitation of the pre-treatment into the carpet fibres during the cleaning solution dwell time. When the carpet is brushed it helps to work the carpet cleaning chemicalthrough the carpet yarns thus speeding up the process of suspending the dirt in solution. This will speed up the process of breaking down the dirt and will make it faster and easier to extract. It is also important to consider the agitation process during rinsing. Increasing the pressure of the rinsing water will increase the level of agitation. It is normal for the working pressure of many modern extraction units to be set around 400 PSI.

The length of dwell “time” of the carpet cleaning solutionis the fourth in determining the effectiveness of the clean. The dwell time must be sufficient such that the carpet cleaning solution has enough time in the carpet to work on breaking down the dirt but not long enough to dry as this will be detrimental to the extraction process. Normally pre-treatments should be left for about 10 minutes to work effectively before rinsing.

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