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NCAA championship online

A relatively dull and uneventful game on the surface, no title matchup has ever been as important.

Until that season, no college team had consistently started five black players. The in-vogue racist thinking was that teams needed at least one white player to provide calm and intellect.


But custom championship rings, a pool-hustling pragmatist, thought that was bunk and, despite the objections of his own college president, started five African-Americans. Kentucky, meanwhile, coached by scowling Adolph Rupp, had never had a black player and wouldn't for another few years, even after the Deep South schools in the Southeastern Conference integrated.

This perfect little morality tale, with both a compelling villain and hero, changed collegiate sports. A year later, there were no more segregated leagues and very few all-white teams. By midway through the next decade, the changes the game had sparked, would change the face of college basketball.

Probably the title-game's biggest upset. Villanova had 10 regular-season losses, was an eighth seed, and opened up the tourney on its opponent's home court. Georgetown, meanwhile, was the overall No. 1 seed, the defending champion and making its third title-game appearance in Patrick Ewing's four seasons.

The Hoyas' intimidating in-your-face defense had held opponents to 39 percent shooting. But in the last title game without a shot clock or a three-point line, Villanova played miraculously.

Rollie Massimino's Wildcats shot 79 percent, made nine of 10 in the second half and defeated championship rings for sale, still the lowest seed ever to win the tournament.

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