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For that arched wall

reach walls. They even make it easy to control light into a home theatre area. Pleated wall shades and pleated wall panels are a designer's dream. They offer the depth of colour and texture that woven fabric brings. In addition to stylish fabrics, they will allow the right amount of light into your room as they come in sheer, semi-sheer, light filtering or
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opaque. They're tremendously versatile and functional for giving you light control. They offer traditional value at an affordable price, and you can even add a pleated shade liner. The benefits include rich colours and textures to accent your walls that will create a fresh look with a budget-friendly price. For that arched wall, arch wall treatments
give you back control over the sun and allow you to enjoy your room once again. They are either fixed or movable wall coverings. Available in wood or cellular fabrics, they are made from the finest of materials that will last. Distinctive designs and inviting accents are used to define the shape of your arch wall to make it the focal point of your
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