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How to maintain the solid wood floor?

<p>Relevant experts pointed out that due to the nature of the wood floor itself, once installed and used improperly, even if fully qualified products have quality problems, maintenance of the floor is very important.When the solid wood floor is being maintained, be sure to pay attention to the dryness and cleanliness of the floor. Usually the floor moisture content is kept at 8-13%, so the floor will not be normal under normal circumstances.</p>
<p>However, if it is improperly laid and used, it will cause problems with the quality of solid wood flooring. For example, it will not be treated with moisture when it is laid, or it will be wetted with water or scrubbed with alkaline water or soapy water. This will destroy the brightness of the paint; there is no toilet and room floor. Separation; summer did not pay attention to pull the curtains, so that the floor in front of the bed after the sun burning exposure to discoloration cracking; or air conditioning temperature is too low, so that day and night temperature changes are too large, causing the floor to expand or shrink too fierce , causing floor deformation, cracking, etc.</p>
<p>When the floor is in use, if individual floors are found to be shelling or falling off, the floor should be picked up in time to remove the old glue and ash, and apply new glue to compact it. If the individual floor paint film is damaged or white, use 400 water sandpaper, rub with soap and water, then wipe clean; after the dry place, make a partial complementary color, dry the paint, and then paint with a paint; after 24 hours, polish with 400 water sandpaper, then Wipe for polishing. Waxing once a month is also the best method of maintenance, but wipe off the moisture and stains before waxing.</p> "bedford recycled plastic technology inc in finland,floor panels outdoor england,different style of composite diy floor "

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