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Autumn wood floor maintenance tips

<p>Because laminate flooring has its own characteristics, there are also some principles and precautions for maintenance. In general, the maintenance of laminate flooring is much simpler than solid wood flooring. As long as you pay attention to a few points, you can ensure its normal use.</p>
<p>When cleaning the floor, be careful to keep the floor dry, so do not rinse with plenty of water. Take care to avoid long-term flooding of the floor. Neutral detergents should also be used when cleaning stains, as well as alkaline or soapy water.
Avoid direct sunlight and prevent the floor from getting wet and damp, which is equally important for laminate flooring. In addition, pay attention to indoor ventilation, and maintain indoor temperature is also conducive to increase the life of the floor.</p>
<p>Laminate flooring does not require painting and waxing. Unlike solid wood flooring, sanding and polishing should not be used. Because the wood properties of laminate flooring are different from solid wood flooring, its surface is already very smooth and its brightness is relatively good. Waxing can be superfluous.</p> "composite walling cape town,composite plastic decking for artificial lake,wood plastic decking fencing boards "

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