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What are the tricks of buying birch flooring?

<P>In the process of decorating the home, every step and detail is a complicated and responsible project. Which part of space should be decorated, what style should be used is an important part that needs to be considered in advance. Among them, quite distressing is the decoration of the home floor. The choice of floor material, the choice of floor texture, and the choice of floor shape, with a little carelessness, would make the entire home space worse. The birch floor is indeed a good choice for the effect of mixed wood flooring textures. In terms of processing, birch wood floors do not need to be as exquisite as other materials, so processing is relatively easy, which is also a big advantage of birch wood floors.</P>
<P>Birch wood is a kind of flooring decoration material that is relatively popular. There are 29 species of birch wood in China, distributed throughout the country and rich in resources. The annual rings of birch trunk are very clear. The birch floor made of it has a unique clear texture and is extremely natural, showing a natural beauty of returning to nature, giving people a different visual shock effect. At the same time, birch wood flooring is soft and comfortable, and it is very comfortable to step on your feet at home. It is also one of the advantages of birch flooring.</P> "floor tile patio plastic,how to attach privacy panel to deck,cheap floor covering install "

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